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Al Jouf Cement Company depends on the availability of all possibilities, which in its role it makes us a company that contribute to grow and move the economic wheel.

And here we are focusing on the same role, as Al Jouf Cement Company contribute in agreement with the technical an vocational training corporation to provide trained human resources under the guise ( Partners for a Bright Future to Build the Homeland) and this is the bulk of our attention .

Al Jouf Cement Company is one of the cement Companies in the Kingdom. The selection of the northern region  in particular because of the limestone that its obtainable in this area the basic material for cement making, this will help in the eradication of the cement crisis that worries the people there which the project will cover the needs of cement  in the area and the neighboring areas inside and outside the kingdom which in its role it will add an economical dimension in providing job and services opportunities out there.